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This is a great product, I love how smooth and soft my face feels after applying it. I feel so safe knowing that there are harsh chemicals and all the ingredients are organic. I use it everyday before I put my makeup on, I will never spend a fortune on expensive creams again.
– Sommel Henzel

It’s awesome stuff, it feels really natural. I haven’t use any body creams before this, but I’m glad I bought, and have been using, because I really like it. Feels good, not greasy/oily. Helping my important face stay looking good. I live in the mountains, wind, sun, rain, hail, cold temps, no humidity, those things can all be tough on baby soft skin, and Mystic Roots helps with recovery! Love it!
– Daniel Dunn

I love this product! Especially love that it’s 100% natural. I have oily skin that became very dry on the surface after I moved to Breckenridge. This cream provides all of the moisture that my skin needs, without causing breakouts. I use it every night! Please make more products like this one (a body lotion)?
– Kathryn Stensby

I am so happy with this cream,it leaves my skin so soft I recommend this cream to everybody.I am so looking forward to purchase many more.And the shipping was really fast.So to all those people looking for a good moisturizer you have to try this one. I love it!
– Carmen Cano

Great lip balm! Needed something with SPF and this is perfect! Thanks 🙂
– Lauren Quinn

Constitutionally, I have very dry, red, sensitive and easily irritated skin. I have pretty much tried virtually every product with zero success. Even the so called “natural” products my skin has reacted to. Upon discovering Wendy’s line of face care products, I can confidently say that I have finally found a product that has transformed my skin inside and out! Living in the dry arid desert, her sunscreen, body butter, and lip balm have become permanent staples in my day.

Wendy the owner and creator of Mystic Roots products is a beautiful emanation of the product she creates. You can feel the love and intention she puts into each individual product sourcing all the ingredients from organic sustainable sources using zero preservatives. I recommend this product to anyone who wants to transform their skin from deep within.
– Tzipora Kirschner

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